Anthony Parenti



Anthony is honored to have such a strong team to work with. Since before TDS was a thought, Anthony has been passionate about the world of esports and is excited to be seeing this team come to the strong, competitive, creative force that it is now. In Anthony's free time, he hangs out with his beautiful, intelligent, stunning, funny, and all around amazing girlfriend. He also coaches his team members, plays games, and watches anime. His favorite game of all time is COD MW2. He hopes to one day take over the world.


Carlos Acosta



Carlos resides in the beautiful city of Sacramento, CA. He went to the University of California, Sacramento where he got his BA in ASL/Deaf Studies. He enjoys playing sports, hiking, and going to the gym along with being outside and soaking in all the great things that life has to offer us. This team is something that he really enjoys being a part of and considers them all his family and friends.


Jeremy Wade



Hi my name is Max my two loves are business law. The most important thing to me is loyalty. My friendships and relationships are the core of who I am. I have been married to the same woman for 26+ years and she is still my best friend. I am an Army Veteran and have been blessed to be able to go all over the world and do crazy stuff for this country. I love God, Family and the USA ”MERICA.” Being the business end of TDS allows for me to do what I love in business, as well as my much-loved hobby of gaming (not good at it). The relationships I have gained from owning TDS as well as the relationships I look forward to having in the future make me blessed.


Alex Arcasoy


Director of Operations

AX is a student at Northeastern University studying for his BS in Mechanical Engineering and MS in Engineering Management. His start in esports was founding the Northeastern University Competitive Esports team. After 2 years, AX took up a managerial position at Team NorCal, but eventually left to pursue a future with TDS. As Director of Operations, AX optimizes team structure, creates process improvements, and manages growth statistics that drive team directives.



Team Manager

Chapinluiss has been with TDS from the start. Although Chapinluiss hates losing a game, he tends to find a lot of humor in his mistakes/fails. Something different that he likes to do for his stream is play guitar and sing. While gaming is a passion, Chapinluiss graduated with a bachelor's degree in mechanical engineering and currently works as a sprinkler system designer.